Texas Stadium Seats

We got a great selection of Dallas Cowboy seats for all the fans in the big state.

The Linc Replica Seats

We just created a batch of new Philadelphia Eagles Lincoln Financial Field Replica stadium seats! Get your birds pride today.

Camden Yards Seats

Are YOU a Baltimore Orioles Fan?
We got you covered!

Yankee Stadium Seats

Yankee Stadium seats we provide!
Check them out!

Coors Field Seats

We now carry Colorado Rockies seats! Get your hands on a rare Mile High seat.

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Fenway Stadium Seats

Fenway Park Seats

Visit our massive Fenway Park page! Bring a nostalgic slice of sports history into your home. Savor the memories as you sit back in your own Fenway Park seat with a frosty bottle of your favorite brew and a steaming hot dog as you watch the game! You can almost hear the crowd cheering on the home team! Authentic Fenway Park seats are available repainted, or in as-is condition straight from Fenway Park in Boston.

Rows of seating at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium Seats

Relive the excitement of a home game at Yankee Stadium in your own home! Authentic Yankee Stadium seats are available refurbished, or with original paint. Souvenir seats can also be converted into a rolling chair to bring some ballpark memories to your home or office! Visit our extensive Yankee Stadium seat page to claim your own piece of a New York Yankees home game.

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Custom Seat Orders Available

Archer Seating offers custom special orders with special number tags and configurations. For example, the photo displayed to the left is a custom order of a double Veterans Stadium seat with custom number tags. For more information, please call 856-692-0242 or e-mail [email protected].
Triple Blue Veteran Stadium Seat
Triple Blue Veteran Stadium Seat