STADIA Barstool/Office Chair Builder




STADIA Barstool/Office Chair Builder

Archer Seating’s STADIA barstools and office chairs take authentic stadium seats and turn them into seats you can use to outfit your bar, game room, office or man cave. There are two versions, the rolling chair (office chair style) and the barstool . Both tilt, rotate, and adjust height. You can also get them both without the tilt and with a fixed height.

Choose tops from Veterans Stadium, Camden Yards, Dallas Cowboys, Faux Ebbets (from the movie 42), RFK, Shea Stadium, Atlanta Fulton County, Fenway Park, Baltimore Memorial, Dodgers Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Coors Field, Generic wood, Generic plastic and a custom paint option where you pick the colors and the design. Call 856-692-0242 for bulk orders and pricing.

Stadia Barstool BEFORE

Stadia Barstool BEFORE

Take a look at this! A customer sent us a box of seat parts from Fulton County Stadium and we turned them into authentic Fulton County barstools.

Stadia Barstool AFTER

Stadia Barstool AFTER

Gorgeous, usable and authentic Fulton County barstools.




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