From Pieces to Priceless: Wooden Stadium Seat Repair

We have more styles and sizes of stadium seat boards than you can imagine, so if you need to repair a seat you might as well send us an email and see if we can help!  Do not order boards without being sure they are the correct type, there are no returns, we have to keep our operations very efficient to keep low prices, and low stress!

From Pieces to Priceless

Archer and the Dodger Stadium Renovation

When the Dodgers and designer Janet Marie Smith needed to renovate Dodger Stadium in 2016 they came to our warehouse in New Jersey to have us provide about 30 actual 1964 era Dodger seats in refurbished form to display in Dodger Stadium. You can see them in Dodger Stadium today.

Without even trying, we have managed to accumulate the world’s largest supply of old stadium seat boards, over 4,000 seats worth. A large number are actually new leftovers from the 1964 construction of Dodger stadium. Other boards are new that we make or old from various venues and ballparks but in very good condition.”

Wooden Signs and Seats