Wooden Ballpark Seats

Build and customize your own ballpark stadium seats!

Wooden Ballpark Seat Builder

Build your own Seats! Use our seat builder to view all different types of wooden seats.

Here you can customize the type of generic ballpark stadium seat you’re looking for.
For longer rows, customizing, and bulk pricing, please contact us.

Grant Wooden Ballpark Seats
Vintage Wooden Ballpark Seats

Custom Engraved Wooden Seats

Stained wooden seat boards.

Game-used metal riser-mount figural legs from various ballparks, powder coated any standard color.

Customize these seats, custom leg colors and large quantity orders.

Call us to discuss possibilities! 856-692-0242

Get Them While They Last!

“We have, until they are gone,   the exact 9 pairs rented to Saturday Night Live for the Feb. 29, 2020 sketch about Jackie Robinson.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWj56cGsmKQ  . Numbers can be added as seen in the photo.   To order them just go to our Wooden Seat Builder and go to Faux Ebbets Movie 42 selection, and send us a note saying you want the SNL seats.”

Wooden Ballpark Seats