Stadium Seat Restoration Service

Restoration Services

Many large and small customers use surplus or new seats/backs to replace aging seats in their facilities, not touching the legs or anchor bolts. Sometimes they do paint the legs, in place or off-site, but often no painting and just a small percentage of anchor bolts need updating.


Meet the “Seat Doctor” Bob Ralph

Today, these seats are being treated under the care and expertise of our long-time partner, Bob Ralph, alias “The Seat Doctor.”

Who is Bob Ralph?

Bob Ralph has a diversified memorabilia collection that includes over 200 chairs from 30 U.S. ballparks that have been demolished, including Veterans Stadium and Connie Mack Stadium.

A rabid baseball fan since he was 12, The Seat Doctor is a collector of all sorts of artifacts. Cards, thousands of them. Scorecards and yearbooks from all time periods. Newspapers from the Dodgers’ 1955 World Series triumph, etc.


Give us a call (856-692-0242) if you have any questions or if you’re interested in having us restore your seats

Examples of Restoration Services

Shown below is the restoration of a row of four Shibe Park (aka Connie Mack Stadium) Philadelphia seats. The customer decided to have a double green chair and a single red made out of the quad.

“We took four in a row, ratty, and at customer request made a double red and a single green. All authentic ballpark color match, and number font matches.”

Seat Restoration Before


Seat Restoration After


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