Metal Parts for Stadium Seats

Who would you call to fix these seats? On December 19, 1976 at Baltimore Memorial Stadium. It would have been our very good friends at American Seating and today you can also give us a shout, we have tons of seat parts on hand. (We actually have a few of the seats from these upper deck sections for sale.)
Metal Seat Repair

Archer and metal parts for the old stadiums

Over the years we have sent new parts to just about every older stadium, some new stadiums as well as most of the older amphitheaters in the USA. Probably the biggest customers for metal parts over the years were Giants Stadium and the Oakland Coliseum. Ironically, when these stadiums are torn down or they remove sections for picnic areas we end up with the same legs that we sent them, but with considerable mileage on them! We can spot ‘em from a distance!
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