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Custom Seats for Interior Design, Advertising, and Set Design

Attention interior designers, advertisers, and set designers! Archer Seating is here to help you with your next project or design. We have great experience over the years working with designers and their projects for various companies, including Hulu, John Deere, NFL, Fox Sports, Ticketmaster, Ford Motor Co., and much more. Over the years, we have shipped custom seats worldwide to businesses and designers in areas like Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, and Egypt. So, whether you’re a company, advertiser, or an interior designer looking to buy or rent the perfect seats for your project, we can help you!


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Custom Engraved Wooden Seats

Stained wooden seat boards.

Game-used metal riser-mount figural legs from various ballparks, powder coated any standard color.

Customize these seats, custom leg colors and large quantity orders.

Call us to discuss possibilities! 856-692-0242

Custom Pink Wooden Ballpark Seats with Camden Yards Figural Legs

  • Stained wooden seat boards (call us for plastic version).
  • Game-used metal riser-mount figural legs from Camden Yards, which we powder-coated pink (call for other available colors).
  • Black seat brackets / floor stands included.
  • Single seat; fits one person at once.

Some of Our Prior Projects