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Build your own Seats! Use our seat builder to view all different type of wooden seats.

Here you can customize the type of generic ballpark stadium seat you’re looking for. For longer rows and bulk pricing, please contact us.

The wooden seats shown contain interchangeable parts. We’ll be adding the ability to mix and match wood and leg types between seperate styles, soon. For now, choose one of the seat styles on the right, whether or not you want Wood Feet stabilizers, and a row length. Once you place your order we’ll have it shipped within two business days.

There are eight styles of wooden ballpark seats to choose from, and you can learn more about each style below.

1Special Antique seats: The original style of our ballpark stadium seats, using generic antique legs, and surplus wood from Baltimore Memorial stadium. These are a great option if you plan on customizing the seat with your own DIY project.

2Green Florida Seats: (currently out of stock, however they’re the same as the MIB3 seats, except without numbers). Green and removed from a stadium in Florida, these seats are similar to the Maccanni in style, but with dark green colored wood. These can also be easily painted any color.

31945 Vintage Seats: Most of the seats were repainted a light or dark green theatrical paint for the movie Men in Black III where they were used to re-create Shea Stadium at night. If people call and tell us the nature of their project we may be able to save them money by us not repainting the seats, as we have done for the photos.  These seats can also be painted other colors and also please understand that we are not professional furniture refinishers (although our painting is pretty good!). You might prefer to have them painted after you receive them by your favorite local refinishing persons. Additionally, these seats are actually in “almost like new” condition with similar design elements as Wrigley, Fenway and Tiger Stadium seats. We acquired them from an indoor installation and that is why they are in such fantastic condition.

4Faux Ebbets from 42 movie: These seats were painted on-set in Chattanooga, TN at Engle Stadium and made to look like the seats at Ebbets Field for the 2013 movie 42, which tells the story of Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) and Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford). The legs are from RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. The wood is from Pompano Racetrack in Florida. (The original wood from RFK was replaced by aluminum and plastic on any seats that were exposed to the weather.) Steve Archer, owner of Archer Seating Clearinghouse was actually in the movie 42 as a Phillies player, as part of his deal with Warner Bros. in the rental of the seats. Notice: the row-end legs will look like this in the photo with the open ends, legs will not have the solid ends as you see on the seat builder.

This seat’s wood would be sent “AS IS” (demonstrated in the picture below), but if you want the seat repainted, we can send a small bottle of paint for an additional cost of $10.00 (email us to request the paint, Additionally, these seats don’t have numbers on the backs, but you can request numbers on the backs of the seats at no extra cost by contacting us via email or phone. Furthermore, for safe shipping of these old seats, we disconnect the boards from the legs. No worry, they are very easy to re-connect.



5Black Legs with Stained Wood: We have used legs we removed from RFK Stadium, which was then used in the Movie 42 about Jackie Robinson. We then stripped them and e-coated and powder coated them black. Quite some history in the legs. The wood is original varnish and all scrapes and scratches from 1959, used indoors at a venue in Texas and in amazing condition.

6Riser Mount with Original Wood: These are riser mount style legs mounted on floor stands. If somebody wanted these to be riser mounted please call, the cost would be about 20% less. These are from an indoor venue in Texas, we have simply spray painted the legs black, could be spray painted any color for that matter. The wood is in amazing condition, circa 1959.

Dimensions of the Wood Seats

Height: 30″ to top of back

Width: 20”

Depth open: 21”

Depth closed: About 14” to 16”

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