Ballpark Wood Stadium Seat used in ‘MIB3’ movie


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These ballpark old–time wooden stadium seats were used to recreate the stands of Shea Stadium for the movie Men In Black 3. The seats are in used, collectible condition. They’re perfectly acceptable for normal use indoors. The wood will show nicks and dings or slight chipping, but there will be no strucural cracks. The seats is ready for regular use. Care should be used as the metallic seat legs are cast iron and can break if the seat is dropped.

  • Light green painted wooden seat boards.
  • Black metal floor-mount legs.
  • The seat arrives partially assembled (fully if you order a single seat).
  • We include all necessary hardware and simple tips to put the chair together.
  • Number tags will be random, although we’re happy to try to accommodate any requests; just leave a comment with your order.

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