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Baltimore Memorial Stadium Seat—Single with brackets. Our company carefully removed and sorted all the seats from Memorial Stadium prior to demolition and created the brackets you see for the seats. We worked with the Babe Ruth Museum and Maryland Sports Authority to auction, distribute and assemble brackets on the seats for fans. Since then we’ve carefully stored all the remaining parts and memorabilia indoors. We are now selling off the last of the remaining complete single seats.

  • Gray wooden seat boards from Baltimore Memorial Stadium.
  • Gray metal riser-mount legs from Baltimore Memorial Stadium.
  • If you are interested in purchasing a double seat, you must contact us for a shipping quote, as they can not be shipped UPS/FedEX.
  • The chair stand brackets you see are E-powder-coated, and included. The seat will be fully assembled.
  • You may request certain numbers (may incur a small additional fee). We have a limited number of seats left so no guarantees on numbers
  • All memorabilia comes with a Certificate of Authenticity printed by the Babe Ruth Museum (Archer Seating is a proud sponsor).
  • Certificate of Authenticity is not shown to protect from fraud.
  • Wooden “feet” stabilizers will be included with pre–drilled holes (see pic). They have a black varnish and are for additional support. You can purchase typical felt furniture pads and place underneath if you plan on putting these on hardwood floors. Otherwise they slide fine on carpet.
  • All hardware (4 screws) and simple instructions for wood feet are included. All you need is a screwdriver
  • Brackets, wood feet, custom-made boxes are all proudly made in USA (local businesses).
Notes: “These are the original wooden seats so they will show signs of scratching, rust. All are inspected to make sure they’re in working condition and that there are no major cracks or defects (see photo). These are vintage seats, however, and will not sustain heavy usage. They can be used, but with care. Excess weight or force (kids jumping on the chairs) could break the older cast iron parts.”
Please ask any questions you have on the seat: 856-692-0242.

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