Veterans Stadium Riser Mounted Seats on Floor Stands


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These are the typical seats that most fans got in 2003 when they picked up seats at the VET. These do not have the Liberty Bell logo ends, they are from the middle of the rows.
(Number tags can be customized if you wish, to be certain numbers, numbers in the photo are probably not the exact numbers you would have on your seats.)

Veteran’s Stadium holds a special place in our hearts as local Eagles and Phillies fans. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting other enthusiasts from the region who’ve come to tour our shop and see some of the cool remnants of the Vet we were able to salvage (mostly large signs). The Vet Stadium seat removal job followed our work at Memorial Stadium and went very smoothly. The Phillies were a pleasure to work with and the Certificate of Authenticity that comes with your seat was designed and printed by them.

What’s special about the Vet is we can say with certainty, that between fans who bought at the initial sale, those that have purchased from us over the years, and the many high schools, sports venues, auction houses and other facilities who are now using surplus Vet seats…none of the seats at the Vet were wasted or destroyed. The irony is that we removed the original 1971 earth-tone in 1994, and then these blue seats were installed that winter, and then we removed these blue ones
in 2003.

Doubles will ship partially disassembled with simple tips to attach the second seat.

All seats are of course game–used—You might see scuff marks from shoes, gum, peanuts in hinges, or even some bits of pressured-washed conglomerate caked up around the feet. We, of course, will clean them up prior, unless otherwise specified, as some prefer to keep them as–is (or as–was, so to say).

Special configurations and number tags available, call to order 856-692-0242.

  • Game-used (of course), seats will be in good working condition.
  • Blue Veterans Stadium seat/back plastic which were all installed during 1995 renovations.
  • Blue Veterans Stadium cast iron legs.
  • Doubles ship with one seat disconnected, very easy to reconnect with 7/16″ socket.


I recently purchased veterans stadium seats from you guys and wanted to thank you for them and the added items thrown in.  This is Michael from South Carolina.  You guys are awesome.  So awesome in fact that I would like to purchase more but before I do, I wanted to see if you had veteran stadium end seats with the liberty bell logo on the side?

-Michael O.

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Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 26 × 35 in