Stadium Seat Brackets and Floor Stands

We have a lot of Yankee Stadium seats,  on this page you will see examples.


Most of the seats had their original paint stripped off of the legs  except the newer padded seats located below the cross aisle and running from approx. dugout to dugout.   We do have a small number of the older unpadded  seats that were not stripped, believe it or not, about 50 of them remaining.  Mostly we have approx. 1,000 that were stripped and we are powdercoating them as needed  to the proper color and completing  them with seats/backs  with MLB stickers on them.



Seats from the Upper Deck

The seats from the upper deck were particularly unique in the world of stadium seats because they actually had the word “Yankee” cast into the legs.  This has never been done at any venue before or after. Figural logos have been put on row-end seat legs but never has a name been cast into each leg in every row.

These seats also come with  a larger, heavier floor stand bracket to make them stand up in someone’s house and be usable, included with wood feet underneath as well.

Variations in Seats

​Another interesting thing we noticed at Yankee Stadium in 2009 when we did our initial inspection prior to the job was the unprecedented variations in the seats, numbering sequences and  condition of the seats.
For example, in photos below,  just take a look at how odd the numbering sequences could be if somebody got a pair of seats at home. You could have two number 5’s connected.  You could have two different styles of plastic backs, two different number tags.

Here I am posing for my son, scowling at the camera while doing the initial survey!  We had to check every section for surprises.

Commemorative Seats

Commemorative seats that you will see for sale

In the end,  the seats were removed and taken to Syracuse and Buffalo for the disassembly and repainting. When they were re-assembled up in Buffalo, they  were put back together using only the plastic that was not cracked or crumbling and that generally looked as best as possible.

And then new legs were cast with special logos to allow the sale of more seats since there was more plastic left over  than there were original legs.  These are the commemorative seats that you will see for sale.

A few of the versions of Yankee Stadium seats that we have.

All Original Seats

You really should call us or email if you want to get seats because of the variations and options to all of these versions. We don’t want anybody to miss out on cool customizations nor do we want anybody to get something less than what they expected!

New Plastic from Storage Room

 Here are seats  configured back together with NEW plastic from the Yankee Stadium storage room, and repainted legs from the upper deck.  Comes with wood feet underneath the floor stands. All the new plastic has same type MLB hologram authentication sticker as the rest of the Yankee seats. It even says that it came from the storage room.

Certificate of Authenticity

Tells the story about these versions of the seats.

Certificate of Authenticity

Stadium Seats refinished

​Unusual “Yankee Stadium” Seats….maybe!

These two seats are the only seats we have, out of over 1,000 from Yankee Stadium, that we cannot say for sure are from Yankee Stadium. BUT, they were in a mansion in North Jersey, along with a legitimate pair of seats from Philly Vet Stadium.  The first owner had purchased these as being from Yankee Stadium but we have never seen this EXACT style of legs and wood used at Yankee Stadium.   Plus somebody had filled in the wood with wood filler, stripped all the paint and repainted them. And there are no numbers on the seat backs and no paperwork. So, we will not sell these as legit Yankee seats, but we do have them and they do look 99% like Yankee Seats.  Factors that tend to make you think they could be legit: They were in a very fancy location along with other legit seats which had no paperwork either. They have been refurbished, which would have required time and money. They are the typical wide width. They were mounted on a bulky custom steel  framework that must have cost $300 just to make itself. (not shown here, we scrapped it).

Our price is the same as any generic seats of this type, actually lower than what we would charge to take generic seats and fix them up like this.  $375, includes the floor stands.