Dallas Cowboys (Texas Stadium) Seats with no logo legs



Seat from the former home of the Dallas Cowboys… TEXAS STADIUM SEATS!
Removed by us, stored indoors, no middle–men involved. Legs will look as shown in photo (with the arms sticking out removed). These seats were originally sold by the stadium for $650.
    We know you’ll be excited when this pair of seats arrives at your doorstep. They are collectibles and in good working condition. The brackets provide an attractive way to use the seats. These are shipped in our custom boxes that allow the seats to safely reach your doorstep. We ship one assembled and the second one you just have to connect, very easy with 7/16″ socket. Although these are collector items, they’re sturdy well–made chairs in good condition; their minor scuffs and scratches are a testimony to the many great moments of sports history they’ve witnessed. You can be assured that you’re buying seats from the source of their extraction. We removed the seats in 2009, and have stored them indoors since.

    • Navy blue seats/backs from Texas Stadium.
    • Light blue cast iron riser-mount legs from Texas Stadium
    • Ships partially disassembled on our custom Seat Brackets.
    • Certificate of Authenticity.
    • These are shipped in our special FedEX seat boxes, which we’ve used to successfully ship out thousands of our various stadium seats since 1994.
    • We can ship them internationally; we’ve handled many international orders for sports fans all over—please just call or email so we can work out the details.

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Weight 83.10 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 26 × 35 in
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