Tiger Den Seats

Al Kaline #6 Modified “Tiger Den” Seats

These are special Al Kaline #6 modified “Tiger Den” seats from Tiger Stadium. The Tiger Den was the premium seating from the dugout to behind home plate.

We convinced the City of Detroit to have their seat sale and arranged for the marketing and helped with the removal of the seats. Here are the original photos that we took at Tiger Stadium and back at our shop.

Tiger Stadium "Tiger Den" Seats
Tiger Den special Kaline Seat
Tiger Stadium, Tiger Den

Home Run Derby

These Tiger Den seats were not part of the sale due to their fragile nature. The fabric was very old/decayed and the underlying plywood on the backs was often rotted. We sold a lot of good ones of these over the years but now the remaining fabric is not suitable at all for use on seats. So what we did was put orange and blue plastic on the Tiger Den legs to create a special Al Kaline commemorative version.

Check out this YouTube video of a fantastically interesting episode of “Home Run Derby”, filmed in 1959 and shown in 1960 where Al Kaline goes up against Hank Aaron! Filmed at Wrigley Field of Los Angeles, you can hear cars going by in the background, very cool.