Bush Stadium in Indianapolis, home to the Indianapolis Indians from 1931 to 1996, has been given new life as an apartment complex known as Stadium Lofts, the first baseball stadium to be given new life as housing.

The ambitious redevelopment project that salvaged the art deco facade, a couple light towers, press box and several other features of the vacated structure decayed and weathered from years of neglect is chronicled in the public television documentary Heading for Home: Adaptive Reuse in the Circle City.

The 28-minute documentary chronicles the efforts to redevelop the property and repurpose the colorful stadium seats now scattered throughout the city in parks and bus stops. The WIPB Public TV program was produced by Ball State University Digital Storytelling students Kayla Eiler and Alina Beteringhe and features interviews with former Indians legend Razor Shines and baseball historian Geri Strecker among others.

You can watch the documentary below or over at YouTube.

via Queen City Discovery