Kenaga wood ballpark stadium seat

The Kenaga is a new style of wooden ballpark stadium seat, from Archer Seating. It is similar in appearance to the Maccani Special seat, but has all–new ash wood which has been “antiqued,” along with vintage cast–iron legs that have been restored and given a new e–coating and powder–coat finish.

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Tribute to Ray Kenaga

These seats were named in honor of the late Ray Kenaga, formerly of American Seating, who went on to start Irwin Seating. For a number of years he remained a good friend of Steve Archer’s and an important part of our early beginnings at Archer Seating.

“Ray was a great mentor to me personally, as well as many stadium managers across the country”—Steve Archer

Distressed, Heat–Treated and Custom Wood Seat Styles

All styles shown here are available as of September 22, 2014. Certain styles could take up to two weeks to ship because of the time needed for the wood to cure. You will be given an estimate for turnaround time in the item’s description. Be sure to enlarge the detailed photos as well to get a better sense of the texture and quality of the materials and finish.

Seats are an average of 20″ wide (so a row of three would be around 60″ wide), but can be slightly narrower or wider if you’d like to fit a certain space. All styles are available as bar–stools and office chairs (also known as our STADIA chairs).