Tony J. McGhee Field, Eclectic, AL

This is Elmore County High School, near Auburn, Alabama, one of our favorite areas of the country.  Mr. Derek Sanders called to order the seats on a Friday, paid for and had them shipped within a week and had them installed within another week, good work Derek!

“You can see the stadium seats installed on the deck, our new flag flying and one of the pics shows the audio system we have mounted on each pole at the back stop. We are Top Shelf and have received so so so many compliments. If you want to post a picture or two of our setup, that is fine with us. It would actually be a treat to us to see it listed on a web page. Thank you for everything, it worked perfectly!
–Derek S., Elmore County High

Photos from Derek: click to enlarge and comment

These types of seating areas can end up generating lots of revenue for the facility and usually pay for themselves within a single season. There are many creative ways to use the seats for VIP seating areas; or allowing sponsors to feature plaques on them—even just the quality of the field seems improved by having modern seats and can generate interest (as a reversal, consider how barren stadiums look without seats!).

Contact us for many more examples like this; there are now hundreds of high schools and auction houses with surplus seating areas, all over the US, who have increased profits by upgrading their seating areas.