Farewell to the Metrodome
Demolition photos are always painful when it comes to stadiums. We’ve seen fans cry at the Vet Stadium implosion, and others recoil a the long process of tearing down Shea. It’s striking to see how fast these stadiums can be torn down, and particularly how empty they look without seats.

 Metrodome Memories—click to enlarge and comment

Video of the Metrodome deflation

Time lapse videos from the Vikings (the first link) and an EarthCam video (it was snowing this morning when the deflation happened, hence the “fogginess” in the video):

A View From Inside Of The Dome Going Down (and also outside)

From the webcams, for the first time since 1981, now we can see what the Metrodome bowl looks like with natural sunlight.

Explosion at Metrodome was part of demolition process



Demolition Video

The vast majority of the dome is scheduled to be gone by Opening Day.

The Vikings have added a third webcam to the demolition/construction, this one looking southwest, facing the east end zone/left field side of the Metrodome (you can see them starting to use the roof fragments as construction tarp on the left field corner entrance, aka Gate H).

Stadium Webcam Link

Video of the severing of the roof cables from Sunday morning:

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