Views from the Metrodome on Pickup Day

If you purchased a seat from the Metrodome these will likely be familiar images. Fans described the experience as slightly surreal: driving into the Metrodome and onto the field itself. It would seem almost sacrilegious to drive on the turf, but like most stadiums it was rolled up and sectioned off for souvenirs.

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Local news coverage and stories on the Dome

Live webcam view of the site

Brackets/chair–stands for the seats

Although we did not handle the seat removal for this job, we supplied the Brackets (chair stands) to mount them.

Kirby the dog, a photo submitted by a customer

Your Metrodome memories photos…

If you purchased a seat from the Metrodome, we’d love to add your photos to the gallery from pickup day. You can send them to [email protected], share them on Twitter or post them on our Facebook page.