New to the collectibles page are these beautiful Camden Yards seats. While floor–mounts do require more stabilization (included), they’re generally sought after more by collectors for obvious aesthetic reasons (compare to the more common riser–mount styles).

The Camden Yard Figural Logo

“The row ends at Camden Yards feature the Orioles “Baltimore Baseball Club” logo. I’ve heard that the player in the middle is supposed to represent Hall of Famer Wee Willier Keeler who played for the National League Baltimore Orioles in the late 1800’s. Its a classic logo and its cast into the steel of each row end. A very nice touch at an incredible ballpark.” –from

We couldn’t agree more—it’s one of the nicer designs out there for baseball seats.

A close-up photo of the Camden Yards logo seat

Below you’ll find details on purchasing the floor–mount seats.  These were removed by Archer Seating in 2010. Renovations had to be done in Camden Yards and the seats were in the way. Though we’ve done stadium jobs around the country for years, Camden Yards is undoubtedly a beautiful park.  Admittedly they weren’t able to keep the old time feel quite as well (and exhaustively) as Fenway has done, the park pays homage to various eras and appearances of baseball: everything from the wrought–iron archways to the Baltimore Baseball club logo to the warehouse with its white–washed bricks

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