Silverdome Seat Brackets

About Our Silverdome Brackets

Our brackets will fit any style of seat from the Silverdome. Choose between the standard Silverdome Bracket or the Spartan Bracket, which includes our Wood Feet stabilizers. The Regular Silverdome brackets and the Spartan Brackets will fit both blue and gray seats from the Silverdome; choose the style you like and you’ll be able to indicate in the order which color seat you purchased.

Note: Wood feet under brackets are not needed for normal use. They do make the seats look fancier from an aesthetic point of view and they are a few inches longer in the front which is good for commercial applications (or if you might anticipate rowdy sports fans jumping on your seats!) The SPARTAN bracket’s wood feet are simply a style choice, or an option to create a surface between the metal bracket and your flooring. Both styles are completely stable.

Just to note: If you have a single seat, you’ll need two Silverdome brackets (one for each leg)—three Silverdome brackets for a double seat, and so on.

Shipping Silverdome Brackets

Shipping via FedEx Ground/Home Delivery is included. If you want faster shipping you may select it at checkout, but we’ll have to invoice you for the additional shipping costs.

These will ship within two business days of your order (usually one). For expedited, international or bulk shipping options, please call. Returns cannot be accepted if you order the wrong kit due to the cost. Please make sure you are ordering the right kit. If you have any doubts, call (856-692-0242) or email us first.

What Customers Think of Our Silverdome Products


I received my kit and it is AMAZING! It looks so good in my basement!!! My mom will be ordering one for her seat, too!

Thank you!!

Marissa P.