Stadium Seat Brackets and Floor Stands

About Our Fenway Park Brackets

If you purchased a Fenway Park stadium seat, you should have received a flyer directing you to this site for the stabilizers. There are two styles: painted black and natural unfinished. Your seat might look different from the one pictured (there were several styles at Fenway) but these Wood Feet will fit all styles. Simple instructions are included, as well as the necessary hardware; all you need is a screwdriver.

These Wood Feet are the same one we’ve used for stadium seat chair stands across the country since 1995. They’re very a very study poplar, they won’t crack, and allow you to move the seat where you like while keeping it stable.

Please call us at 856-692-0242 or contact if you have any questions.

Note: Wood feet under brackets are not needed for normal use. They do make the seats look fancier from an aesthetic point of view and they are a few inches longer in the front which is good for commercial applications. Wood Feet are not suitable for outdoor use where they will be exposed to rain.

Shipping Fenway Park Brackets

These will ship within two business days of your order (usually one). For expedited, international or bulk shipping options, please call.

Fenway Park Brackets & Wooden Feet