Riverfront Stadium Chair Stand Bracket




These chair stands fits seats from Riverfront Stadium. Shipping is calculated at checkout. You will need one bracket for each leg.

  • One bracket includes the hardware to attach to the seat leg.
  • You will need one bracket per seat leg, so be sure to get the appropriate kit (if you have the typical four seats in a row you will need to order 5 brackets, which appears online as 1 order of 5.
  • Tip of the Day: A lot of people got seats from the stadium with damaged legs at the bottom, no worries. Often you can just use one of the remaining bolt holes or you can drill right thru the aluminum leg to make a new hole, anywhere you want. On our brackets there are extra holes also.
  • If you need to order over 10 brackets it is probably best to call but you could do it with multiple orders online.

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    Weight 9.50 lbs
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    Quantity Needed

    1, 10, 2 (for a single seat), 3 (for a double seat), 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


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