Fenway Park Red Sox Wooden Seat Mellor Special


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These were installed at Fenway in 1940. Removed in October 2010 from Grandstand Sections 1, 2, 3 and 4. The very original wood seats were destroyed in the fires in 1926 and 1934 and none were saved. In 1934 all the new seats installed were the wooden straight-back seats, which remain in all the grandstand sections to this day. Refurbished in 2010 and saved as part of the historical aspect.

  • Why did we name this seat the Mellor Seat? Read about it here…
  • Some seats in the photo have been sold but more being painted all the time
  • Red cast iron floor mount legs.
  • Navy blue wooden seat boards.
  • Includes a “thank you” letter from the Boston Red Sox.
  • Most will have an MLB hologram, some will not since many did not stick to the chalky/old paint.
  • Comes with mahogany wooden floor runners (feet); not shown in pictures.
  • Seats are mostly all singles but we do have some pairs and longer rows possible, just call.

That seat is amazing! I’m shocked by how well it looks, that it came with the hologram and letter, and how original it is!

I just moved down here from Long Island and collect anything Fenway. My real estate agent/friend is a stadium guy and Red Sox fan, I told him he needs to buy one as well. Once I get my “museum room” set up, I might order another one as well. I have the grandstand straight backs and now have this one. I might do a plastic single just to have one on display.

I can’t thank you enough!

– Kevin


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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 26 × 35 in