Bojangles Special Presidential Version Kit (Three) with Wood



This kit includes four Feet for Stadium Seats that fit seats from Bojangles Coliseum, aka Charlotte Arena. The Presidential Version includes both the bracket and the black stained wood foot, as well as pre–drilled holes with hardware and optional felt—tips.

  • 3 black seat brackets for Bojangles Coliseum seats.
  • 3 black-finished wooden feet, made from poplar and painted black.
  • Screws, assembly tips, and hardware included.
  • Price includes shipping to the Charlotte area. If out of the area, please call 856-692-0242.

Note: Wood feet under the brackets are not needed for normal use. They do make the seats look fancier from an aesthetic point of view and they are a few inches longer in the front which is good for commercial applications or if you might anticipate rowdy sports fans jumping on your seats!

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