Finally you can take a seat in history!

Our Brackets will fit ALL styles and colors from Riverfront Stadium

These Brackets are made to support and stabilize stadium seats from Riverfront Stadium. As always our products are made here in the US. We have made these to specially adapt to all styles of seats from Riverfront/Cinergy Field. They are constructed of 1/4″ hot–rolled steel, which is then shaped and smoothed to be free of any sharp edges at the corner or along the weld.

Each Bracket includes all the hardware necessary for installation. Assembly is very simple and we send photo instructions. You will need a 9/16″ wrench to completely tighten the seat. These can be easily adjusted to accommodate seats that were broken during the (unfortunately crude) removal of these seats from the concrete.  Take a look at the photos below from our customer at

Jamie from “Better Off Red” @

We were recently contacted by Jamie Ramsey, Assistant Director of Media Relations for the Cincinnati Reds, over at his blog “Better Off Red“, which gives you “an all–access pass into the world of the Cincinnati Reds.” He had a great idea of getting his Riverfront Stadium seats mounted so that if any of his readers had similar dust–collecting–memorabilia, they might be able to sit in their seats as well. CLICK HERE to check out his blog post where he mentions his Bracket project with us.

Dear Better Off Red fans, Thanks for taking a look! Here’s Jamie’s completed stadium “seat–feet” project. If you have any seats that were ripped out in this manner, just send us photos like he did and we’ll figure out exactly how to mount them for you. Depending on how much damage they have you might need to do a little drilling (only through some thin aluminum), to match our bracket. If you can’t drill, just contact us and we’ll go through other options. —Ben Archer

Optional Wood Feet Stabilizers

Wood Feet are not needed for stability, although they do provide a slightly longer and taller base. We recommend them if you like the style, or if you prefer a wooden surface between your floors and the Bracket. We do not suggest leaving them on for extended outdoor use, as they can eventually rot if left untreated. Felt furniture pads can be placed under them to protect your floors from scratching.

We do not make these feet out of any sort of metal. We prefer wood since it looks better and won’t bend as metal stabilizers of this shape eventually will. (Be assured our Brackets do not bend however, since they are secured with a welded gusset).

About Archer Seating’s Brackets

Our business is in stadium seats and they all need to be stabilized somehow. As we provide yearly hundreds of thousands of seats to fans, high schools, movie sets and many other venues, we ensure each Bracket is in perfect condition prior to shipping. We have chair stands to match and stabilize seats from nearly any stadium in the US.

These brackets will never tip backwards. We have been making them for 20 years in the same style, over 500,000 made and counting. By the geometry of the seat you don’t need any material to support in the rear because your weight is all cantilevered off the front.

As we’re the company that removed and distributed all seats from Shea, Fenway, Vet Stadium, Baltimore Memorial, Detroit Tiger (and many others), nearly every riser–mount chair from those stadiums used our Brackets. Though this is an atypical product, be assured  you’re in the right place to get your seat usable!

  • What exactly are the Wood Feet for? Additional stability and height, but mostly it is an aesthetic choice: some like the look of the wood or having a surface between their floor and the Bracket. They are not for outdoor use, however. 
  • Are their any bulk discounts? The short answer is…”No.” Unfortunately the margin on these is rather low and we mostly sell them as a convenience to customers who are hopefully looking to make a stadium seat order. However, please call us (856.692.0242) if you believe the order is large enough to warrant it. If you’re ordering over 10 we’ll double–check the shipping and make sure it’s economically optimized for weight. 
  • Do you ship to Canada/Alaska/Hawaii? Yes. You may place the order but we will most likely contact you via email to re–quote you on shipping and send you an additional invoice for the difference. The invoice can be paid online with credit card or using Paypal. Best to just give us a call (856.692.0242)
  • Do you sell other stadium seat parts? Through us you can get everything from the cup–holders to the springs. We include tips for seat maintenance and repairs. Cared for properly, however, you should never need to maintenance our chairs. All small parts orders have a minimum shipping/handling cost of $15. 
  • What other payment options are available? You can pay just about any way you like. Call with questions. 
  • Can these be picked up at your shop? Yes, just call or email to let us know when you’d like to come so we can be sure to meet you at the shop. We’re located in Vineland, NJ (about halfway between AC and Philly). 
  • Do you offer returns? There are no returns on these items due to the low margin and shipping costs. For that reason please contact us if you’re not sure about your order details. 

[infobox style=”alert-info”] Some assorted memories from Riverfront Stadium/Cinergy Field…please feel free to share your own unique photos in the comments section or email us and we’ll add them here! [/infobox]

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You will need one Bracket per leg. Once ordered we will ship the next business day, or same business day if the order is placed in the morning.