A new proposal for the Astrodome site in Houston calls for transforming the Eighth Wonder of the World into a park with a miniature replica of the Astrodome in the middle housing a Hall of Fame surrounded by 72 columns that would pay tribute to an event, athlete or entertainer associated with the dome. The cost of the plan is estimated at $66 million.

You can see the proposal HERE.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo chief operating officer Leroy Shafer had this to say about the proposal, which was commissioned after a plan to convert the complex into a convention center was shot down by Harris County voters last November.

“Although the option does include removal of the NRG Astrodome building itself, it pays homage to the history, heritage and culture of the Dome. The plan is constructed so that anyone who visits the space will have the ability to learn about the relevant events held in the Dome and about its unique history.

This plan would also provide a major green space in the middle of NRG Park, which we’ve never had. It will benefit any event held at NRG Park with its functionality and usability.”